For the past ten years, Barbara Ellis has been invaluable in the lives of my cairn terrier, my pug, and, consequently, me. During those ten years, she has also worked with other animals in the household as well. There have been many times during the years when I have called on Barbara to communicate with my animals. Sometimes I was at my wits end as to what was happening and how to deal with what was going on. Her reports back to me, after she had communicated with the animals, always gave me clarity and held so much helpful information. One example of an incident that resulted in my contacting Barbara was when my terrier suddenly developed a fear of something that I was unable to see or determine. It was a horrible thing to watch her be so terrified, but also a little frightening to me, since invariably she would end up staring just above my head. She would then start trembling and go hide behind the couch. At times she would claw at the front door, frantically trying to get out. This went on practically every evening for months. I called Barbara and asked her if she would please contact my terrier and see what was causing this trauma. Through Barbara’s communication, she was able to find out what was going on and to give my terrier tools to work with to help her feel protected and safe. To the great relief of my terrier – and me – there were no more incidents! On another occasion when Barbara was talking to one of the other animals, some of the animals, who had passed on years before, came and joined the conversation. By some of their unique characteristics, there was no doubt about who had joined the conversation. I am, by nature, sometimes a skeptical person, but Barbara has truly made a believer out of me. I can’t say enough about her gift as a communicator. She also, in general, is a person of high character – more integrity, compassion, honesty, love and understanding than any other human I have ever met. This is THE communicator you will always be glad you had the privilege to work with.

– A. Kulp, Medford, OR

I asked Barbara to communicate with my dog “Abe”. Abe had a real barking issue and I also wanted to know how he feels when I leave for awhile.

Barbara told me that Abe barked out of pure excitement and wanting to belong to whatever was going on. That made perfect sense to me and after that I always lifted my very small dog up so he could be “in on it”. I had thought his barking was a protective device. But, it wasn’t. I also stopped using a commercial “no bark” noise device as Barbara detected that it stopped Abe’s energy flow. I believed that to be so with the way Abe practically collapsed when the device was used.

What I truly value is the way Barbara treated Abe with genuine love and respect. She also found the humor in Abe and helped me to know that Abe was being impish with me on the occasions that produced guilt in me. Like when I had to leave for awhile. This helped me to adjust my own behavior when I returned.

`This communication happened two years ago, and since then I have tried to understand Abe on a deeper level. I work on calm explanations to Abe (as he requested) and that really helps with his understanding of a situation.
So, thanks to Barbara for helping me to appreciate my dog more as I now know that Abe really does understand.
I feel like the energy connection between Barbara and Abe was astounding.

– G. Carson, California