Interspecies Inspirations

Animal Communication and Nature Consultations

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to communicate with a member of your animal family

  • To ask for clarification of your cat’s preferences, interests or behaviors….
  • To satisfactorily reach a mutual agreement about an issue of previous discord….
  • To brainstorm effective methods of overcoming crippling fears….
  • To find yourself in awe of your bird’s or horse’s vast spiritual understanding….
  • To help guide your lost dog back home….
  • To explore the ongoing spiritual connection that you share with a deceased furry, feathered or scaled friend….

Or, how about comparable communicative exchanges with wildlife – animal or plant? Maybe even with clouds or rocks or…? Many are masters in their own right, with a nearly unfathomable wealth of knowledge to impart for the asking.

Perhaps you already have an idea of the wisdom that can be gained from communion with other species, or maybe the concept of opening to the mystical splendor of nature and the Universe is new to you. Either way, sometimes it helps to have a translator.

May you be as excited as I am about the possibilities that unfold as we align in communicative resonance with others of our magnificent world.