Consultation Types

Interspecies communication is a means of bridging the apparent gap between people and the other inhabitants of our world. While we are well-accustomed to living apart from the rest of nature, this is an artificial separation. We have “grown” distant from a shared, vital, thriving interrelationship based upon the harmony of Oneness.

To that end, I offer two basic types of communication:

  • A “traditional” animal communication consultation, which typically focuses on problem resolution.

    Maybe there are relationship issues within your family of integrated species. Perhaps you would like to ensure that you are aware of the wishes and meeting the needs of your companion animals. Are there behaviors that you would like to better understand? Relocation and vacations can be extremely stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice to ease unnecessary fears? Maybe you are facing those agonizing end of life decisions and seek the clarity of your beloved animal companion’s preferences. Or, for those with esoteric beliefs, perhaps you would gain peace from connecting with those who have transitioned into spirit. The potential benefits are bound only by the confines of your questions.
  • An entire consultation devoted to your questions for an individual member of, or group within, Nature.

    Are there questions you would like to pose to wild animals? Or, for that matter, non-animal wildlife? In this sense, the sky is too trifling of a limit. There is incredible wisdom within all. Can you imagine the treasures that a tree might have to impart? What if you could ask a rosebush in which of several locations it prefers to be planted? Is a volcano expressing anger? Do mountains have fun tossing echoes about? Is a stream soothed by its own sound? Do clouds find meaning in their own formations? Does the wind carry news from across the lands? Does the forest fear fire? How does a dragonfly view the world?

If questions such as these strike you as creative yet unimportant, I invite you to consider how life-altering the answers might be. Upon getting a taste of the truly awesome wisdom available, your perspectives broaden, and you can begin to envision the possibilities for personal and spiritual growth.

I am currently offering one FREE question for some aspect of Nature with any traditional animal communication consultation.

I look forward to being inspired courtesy of your questions and the answers that we receive — and to expanding in consciousness right along with you. The above-referenced sample questions truly represent a mere tip of the iceberg of possibilities!

For questions pertaining to yourself and your individual journey in life, I offer yet a third type of consultation: one with your spirit guides! Please contact me for further exploration of your needs and questions, or request a consultation.