About Missing Animals

If you are considering enlisting my service to help locate a lost animal, it is important for you to understand that I am selective in terms of which cases I agree to accept. Upon your request, I will briefly (and at no charge to you) tune in with your missing pet. If, and only if, this individual desires assistance, will I consent to work with you for this exacting purpose.

For the panicky and distraught person (yes, I’ve been one too), it can be nearly impossible to understand the devastating truth that some animals do not want “help”. They each have their own unique and varied reasons. It does not mean that they have been unhappy in your home. It does not mean that you will not find them. However, the reality is that, in order for me to be of help, I am dependent upon this individual to provide me with details of the path s/he took, the surroundings (which may change by the moment if s/he remains on the move), his or her physical condition, etc. Without the animal’s explicit cooperation, this is not the most practical approach for you to pursue. Regardless of our species, we all have free will. I cannot force anyone to divulge their whereabouts. In actuality, your pet literally has a very large say in determining the degree of help I can offer.

It is not my intention to dissuade you from your search efforts. On the contrary, I wish you every success toward reuniting with your beloved family member. Please understand that, if I decline to participate in a telepathic search, it is only because I am unwilling both to compromise my integrity and to disrespect you by accepting payment for services that I don’t have reason to believe may lead to the desired results. Nevertheless, because events can be so changeable, I will periodically check in with your pet ; if circumstances occur that cause him or her to want aid, I will notify you of my availability.

Regardless of whether or not my services are utilized for the search effort, please see my Tips for Locating Lost Animals page. It contains a wealth of pointers, both conventional and not-so-conventional, which I hope will prove immeasurably helpful for you!