As participants of this event know, it came to fruition not from my idea but at the request of Spirit. I understood my role to be that of casual organizer, participant, and sort of ‘base holder.’ Even the date was not of my selection. If for no other reason than that this date fell on a weekday (Monday), it would not have been my personal choice, for I understood that the calendars of many would be filled with other commitments. I knew the date to have importance but had no comprehension of why. It felt like it had numerological significance — it was easy to recognize the 4s and 8s — but I claim no expertise with numerology. So, I was content to proceed, trusting that more relevance would come to light if needed. I was also as yet unaware of the solar eclipse expected to occur over regions of North America on that date.

The event was to be a curious amalgam: on the surface very individual yet, in actuality, splendidly cohesive. There was no meeting place for participants, not even a cyberspace one. There was no need to dress up or to leave home. And there was great latitude for the timing, thus allowing ample flexibility for those with laden schedules. Each participant could choose their involvement to occur anytime between 6 am and 6 pm Pacific Time. The duration was up to each as well: five minutes, five hours, or any length of their choosing.

The purpose of the event? To facilitate the flourishing of peace on our beautiful planet, to awaken potentials of living the truth of Oneness, each participant in effect co-creating individual vortices of love-light to shower all in invitation of resonance. Hmm. Participants each creating individual vortices yet . . . co-creating? . . . Let me share the instructions given to participants and the possibility of paradox will be resolved.

Step One, which could be done in advance, was to choose three animal species (one each as representative of land dweller, air dweller, and water dweller). A choice was to be made as well for inclusion of an interdimensional essence, examples for which would include ascended master, Pleiadean, transitioned companion animal, fairy, and star energy itself.

Step Two was for the process itself. Directions were to open one’s heart chakra and then to experience the arrival of the four chosen co-creators via the very real but unseen energetic funnel at one’s forefront. There would be a blending of the energies and infusion of the participant, after which the composite of energies would soar through the participant’s crown chakra in a radiant connective energetic suffusion of the planet with an invitation of intrigue for harmonization in conscious oneness.

To add clarity to this description, the individual vortices created were to blend and harmonize into one gigantic vortex whereby everyone — all species — around the globe would be energetically caressed in invitation of consciously-recognized peace and oneness, honoring all, including self. Those who would feel a tickling of resonance might opt to soften their perspectives. For those not yet ready, the energetic invitation simply would not register. Either would be perfectly fine, the invitation of expansion and unity for those whose journey had reached a point of readiness.

As the date neared, and without further inquiry from me, a bit more revealed itself. An octopus friend of mine came forward, for instance. She placed emphasis on both the number 8 and the infinity symbol. In fact, she wanted infinity symbols and bubbles on the invitational flyers that I sent out. I did not know how to accommodate her request quickly enough, hence the image at the top of this post! A frequency (or frequencies) of harmonics was to have relevance in the event also. Spirit asked that I play sequential chords representing an octave — yes, more references to 8 — on my piano at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 on the date of the event.

Then arrived April 7th. My oh my! Energies were mounting exponentially. Never before had I experienced anything like this. Those who would be participating in Spirit, and the animal species who would be participating in form . . . so ready, so eager! There seemed to be joyous gaiety of resplendent lights dancing. Can lights kick up their heels? I felt a magnificent rejoicing already begun. It was ‘infectious’ in the way that we sometimes refer to laughter. I was filled with the rejoicing of Spirit for this monumental shift about to be effected. It was the rejoicing from outside of me that infused and imbued me until I was so filled that the rejoicing became inseparably mine too.

Some asked me in advance for more details of what to anticipate. I had none more to share, my strong impression that Spirit had purposely revealed rather little in the interest of us arriving with energies of complete openness and receptivity. After all, expectations can be limiting!

As I prepare to post this at 11:45 pm on April 7th, I am bubbling over with excitement for the unfoldings and openings to be discovered together. Participants are most welcome to comment and share of their experiences below.

I do see the potential for future events, the next one possibly with a focus on trees. For anyone interested in receiving invitations to such global energy events, please do let me know.