Consultation Process

While animal communicators share many commonalities, we also each establish our own unique protocols. Communication is generally considered a three-tiered process. My particular design of these consecutive steps allows me to position myself most advantageously to be of greatest service to you, which I expect is our mutual goal.

Step One

First of all, I need to ask you for some information. The relationship into which you are contemplating entry is that of a triad. It will be composed of yourself, the individual with whom you would like me to commune, and me. In order to gain the most from this experience, not only do I need to bring forth my fluency in the universal language of intuitive communication, but you and I need to facilitate understanding between ourselves. Whether your comfort and preference are that we converse by phone or via written expression, this is the information that I will request:

  • Your name, address, phone number (including time zone), and email address
  • By whom you were referred
  • A thorough description of the individual(s) in question, including:
    • Name and nickname
    • Species/Breed
    • Color and markings
    • Gender (spayed/neutered)
    • Age
    • Address, if different from your own
    • Photo, if available
  • Very specific questions you would like to have addressed or subjects for which you seek enhanced understanding. [In regard to any health concerns, please note that I am not a veterinarian. In most such instances, it is best to benefit from the advice of a qualified health care professional before consulting with an intuitive communicator. Please understand that I may request a veterinary exam prior to establishing my involvement.]
  • Names and species of other animals in the home
  • Time limit on session, if applicable (please refer to Fee Schedule for details)

For simplicity, you may even use this form to request a consultation.

Step Two

Once I have received the above information, I am ready for the second phase of the consultation process. For this, I designate a time and place wherein I connect energetically and empathically with the individual(s) in question. So that my focus may be purely on the session and devoted to fulfilling your needs, I will have taken all reasonable precautions to minimize the occurrence of potential distractions. Prior to inviting any communicative participation, I will silence the chatter of my mind, ensure my own grounded balance, free myself of judgment and expectation, and open my heart in ready acceptance of all that this marvelous being may care to share. The physical distance between us is immaterial and the two (or more) of you need not be in close proximity to one another at the time.

Naturally, each being within any given species is unique. Some are confused while others have awe-inspiring wisdom and perspectives; some are shy while others are chatterboxes; some are serious while others are comedians. The differences are endless. With some, I must ask them to slow down, repeat themselves, or elucidate further. For others, I find myself questioning in creative and alternative ways in hopes of sparking an alignment of cause. I may even invite the participation of the animal’s spirit guides, for benefit of their broader vantage point.

I view each and every communication as both an extraordinary gift and an unparalleled opportunity for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness. You have the promise of my sincerest intention to interact with everyone with the highest of respect throughout this co-creative process, as well as to translate between languages with the greatest purity and authenticity of which I am capable.

Step Three

The third and final tier within the consultation process is invariably the lengthiest. I commit myself to the time necessary to compiling the responses I have received into clear written expression, which I then forward to you. My “reports” are as factual as possible. I avoid unnecessary interpretation, so as to maintain the integrity of the message and minimize the risk of misinterpretation. However, given the composite nature of communicative expressions, explanations of feelings and impressions become inevitable. Clients frequently comment on the value of being able to review these written accounts over and over again, thereby gleaning greater depth of understanding than would have been possible otherwise. If your personal preference is that I relay a session’s content by phone though, I am most happy to chat at a mutually convenient time.

Please Note: Due to the time-sensitive nature of lost animal cases, I will not delay the process by writing lengthy transcripts. Our time will be better utilized by speaking on the telephone.

The time necessary for the completion of this multi-faceted process will depend primarily upon the fullness of my schedule at any given point in time. When I acknowledge receipt of your request, I will do my best to estimate an appropriate time frame for my anticipated response. For that matter, if delays ever become excessive, I will provide prompt notification of the circumstances. In matters of particular urgency, please specify your needs and time constraints clearly; I will do my utmost to accommodate them as long as it is not at the undue expense of others.

Once you have requested a consultation, you may want to consider notifying all parties to be involved. Many are already so well attuned to you that, even without advance notification, they will be eagerly awaiting my energetic contact. Others seem to appreciate the assurance coming directly from their person that you have been the one to initiate this process, you value their input, and you give them your express permission to participate fully. If this approach appeals to you, just tell them — out loud is fine — of the upcoming event, just as you would inform another person of an invitation received and its importance to you.

Ready to get started? Please use this form to request a consultation. I look forward to serving you.