Energy Work


I have developed proficiency with an eclectic collection of modalities that can be useful in clearing energetic blockages and rebalancing energy that has become misaligned. Amongst the assortment are color therapy, chakra work, and aura clearing.

Not all of the methods are even named. In this arena, too, animals can have impressive knowledge. I’ve been honored to receive instruction from some who can specify what colored energy they need directed in what part of the body, or from where they need congested energy pulled. I’ve asked why, when they have such insight, they need my participation. The answer : “You have hands!” They feel that I am anatomically equipped to direct energy more effectively than they can do with mental prowess alone. As with the interspecies communication process, geographic distance is immaterial.

Turning the tables a bit, I have also been able to empower some animals to beneficially affect their own energy fields, using modified techniques borrowed from mystery schools. And for those with tendencies toward fear, worry, or even anger, working on conscious use of the universal Law of Attraction – and the ensuing manifestations – can be particularly rewarding.

Inclusion Process

While I do not at this time offer any of these services independently of the consultations, on occasions I will report back to you that one of your animal friends would welcome such assistance. When this occurs, I will inform you of which technique in my repertoire is best suited to the need at hand. Each assessment is on an entirely individual basis. A course of action might be called for two or three times a week, it might be daily, or even multiple times per day. Its need might be only once or perhaps it would be ongoing for continuous support. When indicated, I will relay to you the suggested frequency and duration of the protocol. Should you choose to have me proceed, I will make arrangements in my schedule to accommodate the request.


Please understand, as stated elsewhere within this website, that I am neither veterinarian nor diagnostician. While my role is primarily that of translator, none of my services are substitutes for qualified professional health care.