The fee I have established is $45.00 per quarter hour increment spent in actual interspecies communication. Please see my Consultation Process page for a detailed description of all that is included. This arrangement permits a short consultation for brief follow-up purposes or simple questions, while also enabling lengthy consults for multiple-animal families with numerous issues – and anything in between. Such an approach incorporates substantial flexibility for all involved, in the interest of accomplishing as much as possible while concentrating exclusively on matters closest to your heart.

I appreciate that you will most likely want an advance idea of what to expect in terms of total compensation due. I don’t enjoy being nebulous, but the truth is that there is great variation in the length of individual consults. To some extent, it will depend on the number and complexity of the questions you present for me to pose. Beyond that, it is largely dependent on the animal’s unique character, communicative style, and depth of response.

Most commonly, questions of any single soul are addressed within an hour. If you would like, you may designate a time limit for the entirety of the session — as long as I am made aware of your choice before I begin the actual intuitive communication process. I will honor such requests to the best of my ability. The only caveat is that I ask for your understanding that I will not disrespect an animal by interrupting the fullness of a reply. If you have many questions for which you are seeking clarity, you may prefer to list them in order of priority, so that you are assured of responses to the most pressing issues, even if the consultation time must be limited.

In order to establish yourself as a new client, I ask that you submit at least the minimum $45.00 along with your consultation request. I will notify you of any balance due at the same time that I provide you with results of the session. Naturally, I appreciate your prompt payment in full following each consultation.

Energy sessions, when applicable, are $10.00 apiece.

For your convenience you may pay online via PayPal. You do not need to be a member in order to use their services. Should it be your preference, you are welcome to call me with credit card information or snail mail a personal (U.S.) check to me.

With a preference for attracting clientele via word-of-mouth recommendation, I extend to all of my clients the open-ended offer of 15 minutes of free consultation for each new client referred by you. And testimonial submissions are always welcome!