We are a peacock collective coming to speak through you, and we embrace this opportunity for words to be granted as a poignancy of energy to be associated with our less demonstrable energetic presence on Earth.

We propose a collaboration. Channelings exist already, offered by numerous species who have much valuable wisdom to impart to the human divine. Such teachings have served, and continue to serve, glowingly for the furtherance of reunification of consciousness. We perceive readiness to join together still more fully, beyond the dynamic of relatively exclusive roles: one primarily of extending insights, the other primarily of receptivity to these insights. For as much as these exchanges benefit the All-ness, they also unmeaningly tip the scales of balance. For, in truth, we all have much of import to share with one another. Please take a moment to feel into that, bringing it beyond your intellect and fully into your beingness. There is a grand tendency to prize your intellect. And it IS prize-worthy. So much so that your focus becomes unbalanced. Can you fathom the possibilities available with nurturance of all your divinity? We think that a stretch as yet. Reach anyway. Please. You are more ready, more on the verge, than you realize.

You ask how. That is a start. Have you heard it said that learning occurs in spirals? There is truth in this. You experience an aha! of some sort, incorporate the new-to-you understanding, and travel along your life journey feeling accomplished in this particular area – only to find the same topic circle back around some time later, presenting opportunity for further expansion still. We see you, first feeling frustrated and later elated.

In the here and now of our invitation, there is no place for frustration. We foretell of a similar yet different spiraling. Peer through our eyes. You have our permission. We will share openly our view. It is not copyrighted. Make that which you recognize as resonant your own. Then, when and if you find yourself in readiness, via the same spiral, expose some of your wealth and insight to us. The spiral will not be motionless, as in a spiral staircase to be climbed. No, the reciprocal motion will generate a spinning of the spiral. The light generated will be so brilliant that, if seen in your realm, it would be blinding. The radiance and beauty will be felt across the land and across the cosmos, by participants and non-participants alike. The energy will unfurl, starting at levels outside of conscious awareness for most, and bloom as individual and collective openness allow.

Where to start? Select a topic of interest to you. Anything at all. It needn’t be avian in nature. It might be politics or gardening or childcare. If you ask, we will paint for you our gleanings. There is no mandate for reciprocation, but we would enjoy learning of your perspectives as well, in the time of your readiness only. We do not debate. We revere. There is value in growing our understandings of one another. There is nurturance of our souls in the process.

With your permission, allow us to set forth an initial topic: telepathy. We see the label of telepathy given in your society to a conveyance considered mysterious. Because it is not recognized as commonplace, it is thought to be gifted to but a few. Adventuresome ones may set out to learn the skill, finding either molehills or mountains along the path to mastery. Beliefs range from repudiation of telepathy’s existence, to inability to learn it, to challenge to learn it. Wherever you may fall along this span, this is actually a fine example of our aforementioned reference to your intellectual patterning. You make this far more complicated than is necessary. Simply open yourself. Allow the flow. Of understanding. Of sharing. Its presence is easy and natural – unless you are determined that it be otherwise. If you see this depiction as simple yet not easy, let us compare notes, even if via a translator for starters, for the betterment of us both. There is fun and fulfillment in the dance of refinement and expansion of our understandings.

Let go of your preconceived ideas that hold us in separation. You ARE ready. And our invitation is not going to be rescinded. The time of collaboration, of joining, of Oneness and Wholeness, of harmonizing, is here in now-readiness. Let the brilliance emerge and ignite the excitement of homecoming.

It is true that this message could be viewed as universal in nature. So why is it coming from peacock? It is because of our glow. You might call it our iridescence, but that does not fully distinguish us from others. All species are unique, of course. We all take on physical bodies that best propel our vibrations or energetic signatures. You see in peacocks a certain vibrancy and vivaciousness of color. Through our exquisite finery, in a spectrum outside of your visual awareness, we aim to electrify remembrance of your own true and radiant glory. We see your authenticity. We also see your lives having become muted. In an effort to protect yourselves and to blend in, you live camoflaged, in a state you have come to see as natural but is not. This harms first yourself and then the rest of us. As in our message today, when you encounter us physically, we are encouraging you to release your cloaks of self-deceit and to shine in your full resplendence!