Person to Person

Prior to enlisting the services of an intuitive or empathic communicator, I encourage you to consider your selection. The end results that are achieved through this means will likely be dependent, in part, upon the degree of harmony within the triad that is comprised of you, the individual with whom you seek enhanced understanding, and the interspecies translator.

Animal communicator Barbara Ellis You now have the option of many highly qualified professionals in this arena which has benefited from blossoming interest. Ideally, you will work in conjunction with someone with whom you share a sense of rapport. It may be of merit to remember that information conveyed through any liaison must come through the “filter” of that individual’s belief system. With this in mind, it becomes pertinent to know something about a prospective communicator’s view of life and definition of truth.

Let me offer something of my philosophy in this regard for your consideration and discernment. My passion in life has always been two-fold:

  • spiritual development and expansion, and
  • reverence for and communion with nature in general, and animals in particular

I believe that we are all interconnected, that we have vast resources of wisdom available upon our alignment, that we are all ever-evolving in consciousness, that we create both intentionally and unintentionally, that everything is energy and alive with mystical splendor, and that the possibilities are breathtakingly grand. I dream of a time of conscious co-creation with nature — and I believe that all manifestations of reality begin with an idea and a dream. I delight in profound interchanges, mutual growth and inspiration, helping others, and serving to facilitate perceptions of both equality with and reverence of all souls — regardless of form. I’m not suggesting that my beliefs are better or worse than another’s. That is not the point here. But we are all unique, and I genuinely want you to find the person best suited to meeting your individual needs. I may be that person — or I may not.

Let’s return to the options you have available. Whose beliefs are in accord with your own? I do not mean to imply that we cannot learn from those of diverse opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth. But in this particular venture, if both you and your chosen communicator view the Universe through similar lenses, so to speak, I believe you will improve your chances of receiving the maximum reward that this experience has to offer. Additionally, it is my contention that we receive that which we are ready to accept — and no more. So any time we join in energetic concert with someone of dissimilar perspectives relative to our own, for the purpose of opening to nature’s wisdom, I think we are gifted with only that clarity and understanding which all parties are ready to receive. If you find yourself uncertain of your comfort with a given individual, perhaps it would be advantageous to ask additional questions of her/him; or, maybe it would help you to turn inward, gently asking yourself if the proposed “match” feels good to you, and trusting your own intuition.

If my description resonates with you, it will be my honor to work alongside of you to assist in the furtherance of your interspecies relationships. This “work” is never stagnant. There is always more to learn along this journey filled with resplendent opportunities. I wholeheartedly look forward to learning from you and your loved ones as I simultaneously share of my heart and expertise.