As an intuitive interpreter. I serve to relay messages between those who speak English and those who are commonly thought not to have language. We all came into this world highly skilled in intuitive communion, so I do not consider myself to possess a special “gift” in this area. I have merely worked very diligently to recover my intuitive “muscle.”

My passion in life has always been two-fold:

  • spiritual development and expansion, and
  • reverence for and communion with nature in general, and animals in particular

I believe that we are all interconnected, that we have vast resources of wisdom available upon our alignment, that we are all ever-evolving in consciousness, that we create both intentionally and unintentionally, that everything is energy and alive with mystical splendor, and that the possibilities are breathtakingly grand. I dream of a time of conscious co-creation with nature — and I believe that all manifestations of reality begin with an idea and a dream. I delight in profound interchanges, mutual growth and inspiration, helping others, and serving to facilitate perceptions of both equality with and reverence of all souls — regardless of form.

To learn still more about me and how I came to this position in life, please see my Moira’s Background page.
May you be as excited as I am about the possibilities that unfold as we align in communicative resonance with others of our magnificent world.