What is Interspecies Communication?

Animals and children naturally engage together in incredibly wonderful experiences in a realm few adults presently enter. They communicate at an energetic or intuitive level. This can be a lot to wrap one’s mind around at first. But I assure you that this universal language is not lost to us. Although most are inadvertently taught to disregard such abilities from a very early age, we can choose to recover our fluency. I spent over a decade doing exactly that, though it needn’t have been so daunting.

Whether you are seeking enhanced understanding and increased harmony amongst the multiple species that comprise your family, or whether you avidly want to explore and delve into the wisdom of Nature, my offerings may be of benefit to you. Are you ready to allow yourself to entertain the possibilities once you free yourself from believing that we must live in disconnection and that we have no means of conversing meaningfully? When questions start bubbling to the surface, you have begun a journey of fathomless limits. (For samplings of questions that spark interest, you may wish to visit my Q & A with Nature and Consultation Types pages.)

I serve as an intermediary in this communicative process. There are many ways in which I may receive answers to the questions you have posed. I may see an image or symbol in my mind’s eye, I may hear a response, I may feel a sensation or an emotion, I may experience a taste or smell, or I may suddenly have a clear sense of knowing. These may occur singly or concurrently with one another. Regardless of the form, the messages tend to be exceptionally subtle and fleeting, at least by our conventional human standards.

For more information, please refer to my Consultation Process page.